Cliff Cargill

                  Certified NRA Instructor

      Professional Firearms Instruction Since 1992     

ph: 601-906-0162



    Offering training in:


         Handgun & Ammunition Basics

         Firearms Safety


         Competitive & Match Shooting

         Advanced Firearms Training

         Practical Application


          Training location:

          Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club

                P.O. Box 6476 , Jackson , MS 39282     


    Governor Haley Barbour and Cliff

    at NRA Endorsement October 2, 2007


 Three-time state champions at the 2008 Magnolia Classic:

L to R: Robbie Landry, Limited 10;

Cliff Cargill, Production; and Tommy Cabell, Revolver


Cliff mobile:  601.906.0162